wire forms working drawing

Importance of the working drawing

For mechanical product, the working drawing is the beginning of production. In the wire forms category, we display the different working drawing of wire forms, spring clips, and leaf springs. Each of them has its own geometry. Except disc spring, the rest have various shapes to adapt different applications. Our CNC machines have the capacity to produce most of special shape wire forming. Please send us the working drawing.

Key Specifications of disc spring working drawing:

1. Material

2. steel thickness

3. Outer Diameter

4. Free Height


Key specifications of small leaf spring working drawing:

1. Material

2. Dimater of the Holes

3. Angels


About the material:

The common material in disc spring is 60si2mn. We have a large quantity of stock disc spring. Here in our stock spring catalog, you can review and find one if it meet your demand. 

The material spring for leaf spring are stainless steel. Such as ss301, ss401, ss402, ss304, and ss316. Some customers request neutral stainless steel SS130M. However, 130M require a relatively higher MOQ.


Wire forms working drawing template

The below picture shows the working drawing of most disc springs, leaf springs, wave springs, and spring clips, . You can learn a simple impression on these products. The details content will discussed in our blog page. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry.


I. Disc spring working drawing
other spring working drawing

stock wire forms showcase

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