The importance of a torsion spring working drawing

Unlike the spring design, engineers can easily draw a spring theoretically. In real production, the craftsman and machines has a lot of limits. 

OneMeer request a feasibility research report before production. The working drawing clearly define the key specifications and tolerance. It’s very important in the feasibility research.

How to calculate the torsion spring working drawing details

Torsion spring can store and absorb angular energy. They offer resistance to twist or rotational forces. 

According to the application, you can design it to be clockwise or counter-clockwise torsion force. It determines the direction of winding. Common torsion springs are two torsional legs.

Key Specifications of custom torsion springs working drawing. 

you can calculate it with a caliper or other measurement tools. Or simply ask the engineer.

1. Material
2. wire diameter
3. Outer Diameter
4. Total number of Coils of the body

5. leg length and leg angle
6. Surface Treatment

Below is the working draw of common torsion springs. It would help us learn the working drawing better. Please subscribe our blog, you can learn more about our service and spring manufacturing.

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Torsion Spring Working Drawing

working drawing torsion spring
Different torsion spring types we made
shape of torsion spring

stock torsion spring showcase

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