Importance of extension spring working drawing.

  To learn the importance of extension spring working drawing, we need to learn the functionality of extension spring

In effect, extension springs are designed to absorb and store energy to a pulling force. In the meantime, its initial tension determines the tightness of an extension spring.  And the initial tension is the minimum force required to separate adjacent coils. 

Engineers need to review the design to confirm the feasibility. Besides, extension spring has a variety of hook/loop styles. 

Thus, extension spring working drawing is particularly important in production. Without extension spring working drawing, it’s not possible to make a proper spring.

Based on production procedures, here is the key Specifications.

1. Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, piano steel, etc.

2. wire diameter

3. Outer Diameter

4. Body length and free length inside the hooks

5. Hook Types: check below picture of different hook types.

6. Surface Treatment

  Now we learn, custom extension spring is more complicated than compression springs. 
  • First, it has different hook types. 
  • Second, it require initial tension. 
  In short, extension spring working is necessary in extension spring customization. Many factors will influence the performance of an extension spring without the working drawing. Such as, different material, different hooks, specific initial tension, etc.
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I. Working Drawing


working drawing extension

Different Hook Types of extension springs

Hooks Types

stock extension spring showcase

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