Custom Springs in Different Types

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compression spring

Custom Compression Spring

compression spring provide resistance to a compressive force. OneMeer spring support every stage in spring design, drawing, production and packing. Most compression spring types are available, such as constant, conical, concave (barrel), convex.


Custom Extension Spring

OneMeer Spring offer CAD assistant in product design, drawing, modeling. The latest CNC machines allow custom extension spring with wire diameter from 0.1 to 6mm. Besides, a variety of custom extension hook/loop styles can be applied.

torsion spring 4

Custom Torsion Spring

Torsion springs store and absorb angular energy. They offer resistance to twist or rotational forces. According to the application, it can designed to be clockwise or counter-clockwise torsion force. The common torsion springs have two torsional legs.

spring clips

Custom Wire Forms

Wire forms have many different applications with various shapes. OneMeer spring has the capacity to produce wire forming with holes. Mold is necessary for custom wire forms.

custom Spring production capacity

Different spring types:  As a well-know spring manufacturing company, OneMeer Spring can custom spring type of Compression spring, extension springs, torsion springs, disc springs(stock a lot), wire forms, etc. We welcome your inquiry both OEM and prototype manufacturing.

Wire Diameter:  OneMeer Spring has a range of  customize wire diameter from 0.1 mm to 60mm. The main steel wire include carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, high temperature steel, piano steel, etc. Custom wire diameter requires MOQ.

Surface Treatment: rusted oil, black oxide, electrophoresis, bright/white zinc-coating, nickel coating, chrome coating, painting, powder coating, stainless steel electropolish, etc.

Tolerance Control: <GB/T1358-1993>

springs packing

Packing Material:

  1. OPP bags for inner packing.
  2. blank cartons for outer packing. Normal carton size is 25*23*31/cm or 50*25*35/cm
  3. For sea shipping, we provide wooden cases or pallets. 

spring production schedule

The spring production is a complex process. The Main Procedures in spring manufacturing include material ordering, CNC coiling, tempering, grinding, setting, coating, packing. Here in OneMeer Spring, we manufacture spring all in our workshop. Indeed, it enhance the quality inspection. The estimated schedule for custom spring manufacturing in OneMeer Spring are listed below:

1. Order Run in ERP

 1 working days.

2.  Production Drawing Conversion

1~3 working days, based on the quantity and complexity of the drawings.

3. Material Ordering

For common material, it need 10 days. For customized material, it require 15~23 days.

4. Initial Sample Approved

The sample production schedule usually takes 7 days.

5. CNC coiling Time

It depends on the spring quantity and the spring complexity.

6. Manual Fabrication Time

7. Coating Schedule

For springs with zinc coating and black oxide coating, it takes 2~3 days. Electrophoresis springs takes 5 days. Painted spring takes 10 days.

8. Packing

1 working day.

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