compression springs working drawing

Importance of compression springs working drawing.

  In particular, working Drawing is critical for spring manufacturing. Compression springs working drawing can make the details clear, especially as customer don’t have design ability. 

  • First, compression spring provide resistance to a compressive force. 
  • Second, they can be coiled at various shapes, such as a constant diameter, conical, concave (barrel), convex, or various combinations of these. 


The key Specifications for the working drawing, based on production procedures.

1. Material

OneMeer provides round wire or square wire for compression spring.

2. wire diameter

3. Outer Diameter

4. Total Number of Coils
5. End Treatment and end types

Below we attached a picture of different compression spring shapes and four primary end types. Customers can easily define which one meet your requirement.

6. Surface Treatment

What’s more, OneMeer offer free service to CAD drawing design after you provide the details below. 

Here are the compression springs working drawing and different end types of compression springs. Usually, there are four kinds of end types for compression springs. You can learn more  on OneMeer Spring Blog

Besides, if any question, please contact us freely.

I. Compression Spring Working Drawing

working drawing compression spring

II. Different compression spring shapes and four primary end types

helical compression spring types

stock compression springs showcase

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