Close A Sale: Two failed phone call with Peter in New Zealand and Andrew in US

Imagine that a prospect sends you an inquiry. You are so excited to answer them. You
make the research and analysis, then Mr. Prospect just don’t answer your email. What should you do?

A similar situation

“How about a phone call” is must be an optional choice. Probably a very good choice. Then you did the calling in full expectation of a reply.

However, the result is DISPPOINTING.

Mr. Peter in New Zealand and Mr. Andrew in US send us an inquiry a couple of days ago. I tried to close the sales partly via the phone, for they don’t provide more details on the springs.

Mr. Peter answered, and I make the self-introduction. After about 15 second, Mr. Peter says “sorry,
I can’t understand”. I repeat again before he closes the phone.

Mr. Andrew also answered, unlike Mr. Peter, Mr. Andrew can’t hear any voice from my side. As
you can expect, he closes the phone too.

I emailed them both a new email. Mr. Peter replies and Mr. Andrew doesn’t. I decide to close
Mr. Andrew as a non-targeted prospect.

Why spring sizes are important before quotation and production?

Sometimes, the prospects are very interesting. You have the need and send the inquiry. But you never provide details. Spring prototype is something rigorous. You can’t just start the production or quotation without learning the client’s requirements. Maybe you have better options. Since you try to find something new, why not reply to them. Comment below to let us learn your ideas better.

The prospects who shares more details show a higher level of contract will than others.
People who dedicates on something would be more concentrated on details. They wish
to talk with expertise before put something into production or quotation. We
have the expertise and we can improve your product’s reliability.

It teaches me that qualify inquiries is very important. It saves energy and time. We are aiming
to serve valuable clients.

So, Mr. Prospect, please provide more details when you send the inquiry. It’s okay to
say no to us if you are not satisfied. If you don’t know the springs very well,
you are in the right place. We are spring expertise. You will have our full
advice on spring design, sizes measurement, feasibility analysis, market
advise, you name it.

Just ask. Why not send an email or make a call to us today to have an initial experience.


Mar. 10, 2019

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